Luis Miguel Barral

Market & Social Research

Luis Miguel Barral

As a child I learned from my mother the value of the connection between people. Going with her to the market was a joy, a celebration of connectivity. In my adolescence, I enjoyed travelling with my father through the towns of Spain buying cattle and then selling the meat to the butchers in the Madrid slaughterhouses. It was my honest trade school, sustained in the value of your word sealed with a handshake.

At university, I discovered the geography through which my teachers taught me to think, taking into consideration many factors to synthesize relevant conclusions. There, the secrets of the maps were revealed to me, with which I exercised art and science, creating that marvel of tools that facilitate decision making because they only reflect what is relevant.

One fine day in 1988 I understood that it is on the materialized (the landscape, the consequence) where the subtle (society, the cause) manifests. That in the manifestation of the visible, you learn to read the invisible that governs it. That day the social researcher was born and my vision of the world expanded.

Shortly after, in 1990, I began a professional relationship with my sister Pepa, and since then we have travelled together through this change of era, making our profession of social researchers a way of being in the world, weaving a complicity that has given us the opportunity to carry out hundreds of investigations from our company, for clients like Real Madrid, Spotify, Repsol, Greenpeace, Puleva, Ecoalf, BBK Live, Children’s Villages, Coca Cola, Genesis or the Government of Costa Rica.

Today at Singular Solving I find myself taking to it like duck to water, in a place inhabited by connectivity, honesty, art, science, complicity, research and business.

A place where by adding, you multiply.