Pepa Barral

Científica Social

Pepa Barral

For as long as I can remember, I have recognized in me an unstoppable and very rewarding impulse to explore what lives in each person, in the actions and behaviours that we perform, and how that personal vital impulse is maintained, grows or is becomes deviated. 

When I was 17 years old, I went to university and that led me to understand certain deviations in the disciplines to be studied, on which I had to make my own selection. Years later, already a student of Sociology, I understood that I was interested in that place, of a more social nature, that points to the sense and coherence in each person who is torn between what he says and what he does, between what he wants and what he should want when he moves between himself and the social group.

In the faculty, under the tutelage of the great teacher Jesus Ibáñez, I had access to study semiotics, linguistics, psychoanalysis, structural anthropology … And I became fascinated by what can come from investigating through discourses, expressions, of what we tell ourselves and what we tell others. So, I took these tools to begin in social research,  allowing my passion to lead me down a path on which I continue to travel.

I started my first research work in 1985, creating my own professional office, combining the decisions of an incipient business with work as a social researcher for companies, brands, institutions, business leaders, …. I have since then learned -and I learn every day in each of the activities I do- the value gained from having juggled my own business  with moulding my skills in a trade that, today after more than 30 years of experience, I recognize as my own.


In 1990, I always say that, by chance, my brother Luis Miguel and I joined together to mutually cooperate, reflect, and experience the joy of growing our professional lives and our business together. To travel with him down the path through social science is a pleasure that multiplies and expands my affective ties that have already surpassed a professional trajectory of more than 25 years.

I continue to receive training, with a growing passion for the analysis of social discourse, which opens the doors to observation, understanding and interpretation of a narrative in which we perceive ourselves, we feel ourselves, we desire, we create ourselves as companies and as a society. And now, I’m excited to have become a part of the management practices  with Singular Solving.


Singular Solving is a space in which I forge myself beyond what I have learned, involving myself in a transdisciplinary commitment that makes my profession even greater in that dance between the known and the unknown. And from this new space, I am driven to analyse and understand the complexity that inhabits society; but, of course,  going through the complexity that inhabits any business decision. At Singular Solving, all of us are living examples of a new way of sustaining and growing our business reality.