Drive & Win



Car insurance companies compete in price wars in a mature market, without the capacity to differentiate themselves from one another. Current technology allows us to offer insurance for young people, a segment that has, until now, been “untouchable”. But, how do you generate demand for this specific segment?


Insurance comparators are tools that only enable differentiation by price, so they are not an appropriate channel for this product. An in-depth characterization of young clients was first necessary in order to be able to use channels and messages different from the traditional ones.

Singular Solving acts as a CMO integrated in the steering committee.

Actively participating in the launch of the company, developing the Strategy, and identifying and orchestrating partners for the execution of creativity works and channel selection.

Skin in the game:

The demand is much more effective, the right messages reach the right customers at the right time, escaping the tyranny of the aggregator and obtaining much more profitable CPAs.

The remuneration of Singular Solving via Revenue Share is linked to the collection of policies, by receiving a certain % for each policy obtained.