What is Singular Solving?


Your partner in complex decisions.

Singular Solving is a new trade that assumes complexity as a source of value. We are not born to simplify it, but to dwell and grow on it.

Singular Solving is personetics, a discipline that integrates technology and humanism in the management of communications with clients, based on the premise that what is not relevant will be ignored.

Singular Solving is a look with fresh eyes that enables us to navigate uncertainty, which is omnipresent in these times, with strategy acting as compass.

Singular Solving is a method that orchestrates fields of knowledge, whose mission is to help make businesses prosper. It integrates art and science in complex decision making.

Singular Solving is a tool that materializes deep thinking in concrete business decisions.

Singular Solving is a transdisciplinary team of experienced people who are united and mobilized by a passion to explore the unknown and give rise to what has never been seen before.

Singular Solving is a company that puts skin in the game. We get our money from the measurable prosperity that we contribute to generate.

Singular Solving is the story of a group of “misfit” professionals who have decided to go out to meet business leaders, with whom to channel the vision expressed by Albert Einstein: “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

Singular Solving is the confidence that allows us to safely enter unsafe terrain. In complex decisions, we are with you.


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